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Seeeduino V3.0 (ATMega 328P)

Seeeduino V3.0 (ATMega 328P)

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Product Code: ARD128D2P

Seeeduino is Arduino compatible board.  Its design is based on Diecimila scheme, and is 100% compatible with existing sketches, shields and IDEs.  A number of improvements are made for greater flexibility and better user experience.


Inherits all of Arduino Diecimila's features
Compatible to Diecimila's pin layout, screw hole and dimensions
Evolved with SMD components
Improved extensibility and added convenience features

What's New


    Changed JST connector to DC Jack connector


   USB/EXT power auto-select
   Upgraded power capacitor
   Improved layout
   Real Quartz Crystal
   Duplicate digital IO to 100mil grid for prototype board compatibility
   Shrink components height below female headers
   Easier access to buttons and switches
   Change Type-B USB port to Mini USB
   Replace 3.5mm DC power Jack to battery 2 Pin plug
   Reset and power indicator near RST button
   Auto-reset selection
   3.3V Operating Voltage selection
   Pin out UART for FTDI232 bit-bang operation
   Pin out 2 extra ADC
   Optional capacitor for improving 3.3V output performance
   Re-route PCB
   Pin out for I2C and sensors


   Zero external power consumption when switched off
   Stronger Switches
   Second power supply for 5V direct input [Caution] USE 5V ONLY!
   150mA driver capacity under 3.3V
   1.0mm slim PCB for lighter weighs
   Extra row reserved for pin headers


   Fixed bug - unnecessary Pin4 wire
   Fixed bug - Label covered by switches
   Added I2C and sensor port
   Added 100uF capacitor for vcc switch
   Grouped new 100mil grid pins
   Replaced reset buttons with metal ones
   Rearranged texts and labels for improved visibility

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