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Multi-channel Relay Shield for Arduino
Multi-channel Relay Shield for Arduino

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This "IS Shield" has 2 channel mechanical relays and 2 channel MOS switches, providing an easy way for voltage control. The max switching power for the relay channels is 24W DC or 240VA AC, and the max current the MOS switch channel can supply is 2A (it also depend on your source power supply).

It could be directly controlled by Arduino or any other compatible boards using digital IOs with external 7-12v power supply (9v recommend).  With the XBee socket, nRF24L01 interface and 315/433M RF module interface, the IS Shield could be remotely controlled, making it an ideal fit for robotics, industry control, automation, etc.


  • 2 mechanical relays with photo-coupled circuit
  • 2 MOS switches with internal power supply
  • Xbee, nRF24l02, RF315/433M module wireless interface
  • Arduino AD pins 3-PIN interface breakout for Sensor module (Electronic Brick)
  • Equipped with screw holes for easy installation
  • Light weigh and Small form factor

The 2 mechanical relay channels can be switched from the default NO to NC simply changing the jumpers on the board. The 2 MOS switch channels, you can use the jumper to set the drive power voltage: 5V or Vin(7-12V). Please be careful when you use the MOS switch channels, you need to connect the positive and negative of the circuit properly.  The 3 pins breakout make it easy to build a project or prototyping quickly, by using many existing sensor modules (Electronic Brick), and with the wireless interface breakout on board, you have many wireless control options.

Note: The shield can be power by an external power supply, or by the Arduino board, if the Arduino board itself is powered by an external power supply.  5V USB power alone will not work.

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