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2.8 Inch TFT Touch Shield V2.0

2.8 Inch TFT Touch Shield V2.0

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Product Code: SLD10261P

This is a multi-functional Arduino/Seeeduino/Arduino Mega compatible resistive touch screen.  It can be used as a display device or sketch pad.  This version of the Touch Shield uses the ILI9341 chip to drive the display, providing pin-saving SPI communication without sacrificing the data transmitting speed.  With a SD card module integrated on the back of the Shield, displaying pictures is no longer a hassle.

  • Big screen
  • Back light controllable via programming
  • 65535 rich colors display
  • SPI pin-saving communication method
  • Full screen touch active range

Pins Used for TFT Screen Control:

  • D4 : TF_CS, SD card select input pin
  • D5 : TFT_CS, TFT chip select input pin
  • D6 : TFT_D/C, TFT Data/Command control pin
  • D7 : BACKLIGHT, TFT backlight control pin

Pins Used for SPI Interface

  • D10 : SPI chip select
  • D11 : SPI data pin
  • D12 : SPI data pin
  • D13 : SPI serial clock pin

Pins Used for Touch Function

  • A0 - Touch Screen Y- input pin.
  • A1 - Touch Screen X- input pin.
  • A2 - Touch Screen Y+ input pin.
  • A3 - Touch Screen X+ input pin.

Product Wiki and demo code

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